Eyeliner Much? Also Crazy Hair.

This college kid yoga continues to ride the beautiful wave of recovery. Since yesterday’s successful yoga class, I’ve adopted a renewed love for life and all of the fun that this world offers. Yes, it seems that since my wisdom teeth extraction, I overflow with optimism and corny(ish) sentiments.

Today, my celebrating life itinerary included attending an Arbonne party at my friend Jenna’s house. Not only did I have the chance to catch up with a few friends I haven’t seen in a while, but I also sampled some lovely and cruelty-free skin care products.

I even tried some fancy eyeliner after I regaled the Arbonne representative with my current eyeliner woes. While this yogi wears eyeliner only on special occasions (i.e. when getting my drank on), I still desire a reliable and effective cosmetic to line my upper and lower eyelids. And Arbonne offers women just that.

Pictured below is my excitement and relief after finally finding an eyeliner that works for me. Plus my hair in its natural, rather wild state:

For your delectation, I’ve also exploited Photo Booth to document my face smothered in delicate, healthy Arbonne cleansers and exfoliants. Plus, a primer that ladies can use before they apply makeup. Arbonne knows what’s up. Also some crazy hair.

Because I prefer to invest in skincare rather than cosmetics, I purchased a facial cleanser over the beloved eyeliner. However, at the next Arbonne party I attend, I plan to take some of that good stuff home with me.


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