Yogi Back in the House

This morning, I celebrated a momentous occasion. I actually attended a yoga class after days and days of enduring searing pain in my swollen chipmunk mouth. Today marks a turning point in my wisdom teeth recovery (I still contend that the extraction of wisdom teeth is a barbaric procedure). I awoke with minor jawline bruising, a shrinking mouth ulcer, and increased energy. While the numbness in part of my chin and lower lip persists, and in fact, infuriates me, I consider today’s facial/oral status a significant sign of healing.

Which means that I can resume my regular life, my routine…aside from masticating solid foods at a normal pace. Part of my routine, naturally, includes regular yoga classes with my favorite instructor EVER. At 9:30am, we reunited.

My body reveled in being worked and nurtured. It responded to the the entire 60 minutes of vinyasa with gratitude and relief. I noticed that I could deepen and advance in several of the poses, a surprising observation due to my sedentary lifestyle of late. By the end of class, as we laid in savasana, my heart overflowed with love for my instructor and for the healing properties inherent in yoga.

I salivate at the thought of my next yoga class, or just the thought of doing yoga in my living room with Tara Stiles. In the words of Liz Lemon, I’m back nerds!


8 thoughts on “Yogi Back in the House

  1. Hope you get completely better from the wisdom tooth pain! I have yet to take mine out, yikes! Not looking forward to it. Glad you are enjoying yoga, if you need any accessories or products, check out my company at http://www.everythingyoga.com!

    – Lisa @ lisaalinh.wordpress.com

  2. Hi, it is a good blog and I appreciate you for taking time to post this amazing blog inspite of your toothache. It is to know that you are recovering from the pain but don’t worry you will recover completely. It is nice to know that you do yoga to maintain your health.

    • Thank you so much for your support! I am very happy (and grateful) that you commented. I do feel like I’m just about fully recovered…but part of my lower lip and chin is still numb! I think it’s going away (very) gradually, but it’s pretty strange. Oh yeah, yoga is my salvation! Do you practice, as well?

      🙂 Sarah

  3. I know this came late but I just had mine removed a few days ago and really want to do yoga but was encouraged not to. Hence, not doing until am fully recovered. But your post made me inspired to push on! Nameste (:

    • Here’s to a speedy recovery! Yeah, you really don’t want to push it with the yoga if you’re still swollen and in pain. I say just stay aware of how your body feels, then decide when to return for the mat. I am so grateful that my post inspired you 🙂

      Get well soon and thanks for the comment!

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