Now Walk It Out

Just returned from a brisk neighborhood walk with my mom. Positively lovely describes my outing well. Due to my intense mouth pain and wisdom teeth recovery, I’ve been relegated to my house with no motivation or energy to pursue any physical activity. Yes, this college kid yoga ignored her regular practice (or any exercise, for that matter) for the past week, rendering her feeling apathetic, fat, lazy, and lifeless.

Tonight, however, my body and mind begged me to turn off Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, spend some quality time with the woman who begat me, and fill my lungs with fresh, autumn-esque air. After sitting in my car commuting to work, sitting for most of the day at work, then sitting again on my way home, I needed to do something active in an upright position and fast. As soon as we hit the pavement, my muscles awakened, my thoughts quieted, and my cheeks suffused into a rosy pink. I felt fantastic. Check it.

As the weather cools and days shorten, I think I’ll incorporate a brisk evening walk into my regular fitness routine. When we exercise or pursue any kind of physical activity outside, we literally absorb the Earth’s energy, meaning that we connect with the planet in a deep, intimate way. A very yogic notion, if you ask me.

Walking outside a few times per week, my mother says, “gets rid of the cobwebs” that form in us during the 9 to 5 grind. With regular walks in the cool air with flairs of autumn, I think more smiles times are on their way.


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