Searing Mouth Pain=Workday at Home

Due to a throbbing ulcer in my mouth, courtesy of my painful and in my opinion, somewhat unscrupulously performed wisdom teeth extraction, I can barely talk or eat without irritating this borderline canker sore. Fortunately, I get my stitches, the cause (I hope and pray) of my ulcer, removed tomorrow morning. However, when I woke up today, after another sleepless night (the extreme discomfort in my mouth, along with the lingering numbness in my lower lip and chin prevent my body from relaxing), I felt unable to work in an office environment, in which I talk and occasionally smile (requires opening my mouth). Add to that my need to rinse with saltwater and apply pain relief gel every 15 minutes and you’ve got one inefficient employee.

My ulcer survival kit…though this thing is hard to tame:

Fortunately, I was cleared to work from home for the day so I could properly nurse my sore. I enjoyed working from home, though I’ve discovered that my mind wanders at times and tempts me to procrastinate with Facebook, Twitter, and Designing Women episodes. With the help of a timer, the peaceful sounds of Debussy, and a hearty dose of self-discipline, I accomplished several tasks in my make-shift home office.

I often consider pursuing a freelance writing career, in which I would work from home on several projects. That lifestyle certainly works for several people I know, as well as for a few of the bloggers I follow. Though I realize that freelancing and working from home has its downsides, as well. I shall keep weighing the pros and cons.


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