Sugar Smackdown and Swollen Face

I write to you with swollen cheeks, a numb chin & lower lip, and four big holes in my mouth. Yes, an oral surgeon pulled my wisdom teeth yesterday morning. Fortunately, I have not experienced intense pain, though the pain killer I take every four hours has something to do with that. Sure, I embrace a holistic lifestyle and preventative health modalities. But when it comes to contending with pulled teeth and ripped gums, this college kid yogi breathes a deep sigh of relief when the four-hour mark rolls around and she can pop another pill.

What causes me the most discomfort during this whole process is the lingering numbness on the right side of my lower lip and the right side of my chin. I guess my surgeon fixed me up pretty good on that side of my mouth, where my one impacted wisdom tooth resided. Hopefully, this feeling…or lack thereof will decrease as days go by, because the right side of my chin itches and I reap no satisfaction from scratching skin that I can’t feel!

While I recover from my surgery, I continue to participate in the Sugar Smackdown, the 21-day processed sugar and carb cleanse created by bad-ass nutritionist/life coach, Erin Huggins. Homegirl gets her clients results. Check her out.

Today marks Day 5 of the Smackdown and I already feel calmer and healthier. While I’ve participated in past Sugar Smackdowns, I always experience fantastic results, pretty immediately, too. I thought that adhering to a liquid diet as my mouth heals would force me to compromise my processed sugar-free habits, but I discovered several ways to gently nourish myself with Sugar Smackdown-approved foods/drinks:

Greek Yogurt:

Juiced greens and fruits:

Homemade blended soup:

Kombucha (original flavor):

Pictured below is a meal I enjoyed while I could still consume solid foods: small piece grass-fed chicken, sauteed asparagus, string beans, grapes:

And now I must cover my face with heat packs-20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for an hour or so. Then, I take my antibiotic to avoid infection. 30 minutes later, I pop my pain killer (salvation!). After that, I gently rinse my mouth with saltwater. And then, it’s back to the heat packs. Oh the methodical existence of a wisdom teeth patient!


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