A Studious Yogi

With my several days of total downtime (thanks to my freshly wounded mouth), I decided to ransack my bookshelf in pursuit of an unfinished read. Among many other unread books, I came across Michael Stone’s The Inner Tradition of Yoga. Since rolling out my mat and taking down-dog might overwhelm or disturb my healing gums and swollen cheeks, I’ve decided to embrace the intellectual side of yoga by reading Stone’s text.

Don’t let the Sanskrit symbols on the cover intimidate you-Stone offers us modern day yogis very practical ways to understand and implement the ancient philosophies of yoga into our lives. Perhaps when I finish reading The Inner Tradition of Yoga, I’ll dedicate a blog post to a review of this (so far) awesome book. Reading a variety of texts about yogic philosophy deepens our own practice and helps us discover who we really are in relation to our own journey with yoga. But for now, I use it to take my mind off of my stitched gums and numb lip and chin.


2 thoughts on “A Studious Yogi

  1. Ooh, yes do post a review of the book when you’re finished. I like books on yoga but sometimes they’re a little hard to understand. Another really great book on yoga is titled The Secret Power of Yoga. Really gives you some ideas to gnaw on!

    • Oh cool, I’ll have to check out that one! I know, aren’t books about yoga great? Even if they don’t particularly resonate us (sometimes), I still think it’s really important to explore a variety of opinions on yoga 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Ashley!

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