Sugar Smackdown

Today starts my 21 days of living processed sugar and carb-free. For three weeks, I am participating in Erin Huggins’ Sugar Smackdown, a truly effective and sexy way to reboot the body, skyrocket energy, and drop unneeded weight. Because Erin rocks and really knows her sh**, this is my third time participating in the Sugar Smackdown. I just can’t get enough of feeling supersexy and radiant inside and out.

I intend to use my blog to hold me accountable to living three weeks without processed sugar and carbs. I plan to post several times per week, detailing my meals and physical and mental reactions to my new(ish) diet. And by diet, I mean the general food eaten by a particular person or group, NOT an eating plan based on deprivation and designed for temporary weight loss. As we all know, or should know, those don’t work. Just ask Bethenny Frankel.

So prepare yourselves for several posts that revolve around the theme of processed sugar and carb-free food and their effects on the mind and body. I for one, am pumped.


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