Sugar and College Life: The Not-So-Sweet Reality

While the title of this post may sound a tad reductive, the fact that refined and processed sugar is one of the most detrimental substances to ingest rings true. High fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, agave nectar and all of that stuff a lot of us college kids might  subsist on count as forms of sugar that depress our immune systems and stress our bodies and minds.

It is especially important to remember this, as we are inundated by diet programs that disseminate inaccurate information about how to lose weight and keep it off. These quick fixes fail to help us permanently transform our bodies because they laud low fat/calorie foods whose sugar counts rival that of downing tablespoons of white sugar in one sitting. Shelling out cash and chaining ourselves to calorie-counters and prepackaged meals ultimately render us slaves to the weight loss industry. A much cheaper, more positive way to meet any kind of weight loss goal is to simply watch our sugar intake.

While the ways our bodies respond to sugar differ, we all process, or attempt to process it the same way. I majored in English, so please bear with my limited knowledge of the body’s biological and physiological processes. Basically, when the mass amount of sugar we consume hits our bloodstream, our blood sugar spikes, causing us to feel high. Then, our pancreas attempts to level our blood sugar by releasing insulin, resulting in exhaustion and nausea, or a sugar crash. We perpetuate this cycle and wreak havoc on our organs and overall energy by continually feeding ourselves nasty foods replete with this drug.

But sugar not only ravages our insides, it makes us fat. When our pancreas extracts sugar from our blood, it has nowhere to store it except for our butts, stomachs, thighs, and everywhere else we’d rather have muscles than dimples. Now that’s incentive to remove sugar from most of our diet!

Transforming our minds and bodies is as simple as removing toxins (of all forms) from our lives.  A significant step towards a toxin-free life involves eating real foods with very little sugar.  Simply limiting our sugar intake fast tracks our health goals and helps us come into our natural, sexy shape.


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