Some More Bikram

Happy Labor Day weekend, fellow yogis and soon-to-be-yogis. One of my friends sent me this eye-opening interview with Bikram Choudhury himself. I wish I could say that I feel shocked by his philosophy and conceptualization of yoga, but based on my own research and Groupon-funded experiences, what Bikram says (unfortunately) does not surprise me. Disturbing, yes. Shocking, no.

However, I appreciate listening to his story, to his stance of the yoga that he “created” and introduced to America. In order to fully form our opinion about this kind of yoga, we must acknowledge and grapple with all perspectives in the Bikram world. Sure, I seethe with anger and indignation at this controversial figure’s arrogance and “torture chamber approach” to yoga. But I remain (somewhat) open to Bikram’s defense of the sensation he created throughout the United States.

Check it out for yourselves:


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