Beach Yoga

The end of our vacation greeted us with an opportunity to attend a sunrise yoga class on the boardwalk with a beautiful view of the ocean. My mom, cousin, and I jumped at the chance to get some yoga in on our vacation, though leaving our place at 5:30am to make the 6am class was a daunting prospect.

Yet here I am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before dawn, pumped for practicing yoga in nature, something I’ve never done before.

We enjoyed a few peaceful moments before class began to soak up the view. The natural beauty we witnessed prompted me to consider rising at this time on a regular basis, though I’m still cogitating about that idea.

Class itself aligned with our bodies’ needs early in the morning. The instructor focused mainly on stretching and twisting to awaken our muscles and prepare for the day. While an emphasis on this portion of a yoga practice irks me (somewhat) because I believe that it solidifies stereotypes about yoga that it fails to rigorously work the body and mind, I reveled in practicing slowly and deliberately at the crack of dawn. I also resonated with the instructor’s passion for relating ancient yoga philosophy and terminology to her class. She explained the physiological and mental benefits of each pose, a technique that lends itself well to a slow-paced class. All in all, I feel very grateful that my mom, cousin, and I had the opportunity to incorporate yoga into our beach week of vegetating, indulging in snacks, and goofing off. Any yoga practice inspires and enlivens me, but clearly, I delighted in yoga at the beach.


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