Vacation with the fam

Last night, I returned from a heavenly trip to the beach with my parents and some extended family. This college kid definitely appreciated a change of scenery, refreshing romps in the uncharacteristically warmish Atlantic Ocean, goofing off with relatives, and mental reflection of my summer past and future.

Here are a few snapshots of my fantastic week. The itinerary included watching Captain America in 3D, expanding my culinary palette in local restaurants, indulging in beach treats, paddle boarding (an undocumented and rather unsatisfactory experience), shopping, and of course, enjoying the surf and sand.

Check it out:

My cousin Morgan and I diving into a sundae

My Uncle Joe and I embracing our bad-ass-ness

FANTASTIC restaurant...words (almost) cannot describe

My paddle boarding outfit: tanktop and Morgan's high school gym class shorts. Oh yeah.

My pedicure held up very well under the sunny, sandy, sweaty conditions of beach week.

Elated that I survived our paddle boarding excursion


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