A Blogger’s Birthday

What up, fellow bloggers, yogis, and soon-to-be-yogis! Just checking in to relay some very exciting news: I am officially 22 years old! My heart overflows with joy in this moment.

I appreciate the blog as medium of communication because I can connect with people and feel like I’m conversing with actual humans, yet still unabashedly express to the blogosphere the bliss I feel about celebrating another year on Earth.

So on this beautiful day of July 21st, fellow readers, I pour my little yogi heart out to you and invite you to revel with me in the passion of celebrating life!

And now…a realistic depiction of a woman reveling in her very new status as a 22-year old:

The early 20s feel so good, just like a sweaty vinyasa class 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Birthday

  1. happy birthday, friend!! er, belated. not gonna lie, 22 was a tumultuous year for me, as it was for a lot of my friends. the whole figure-life-out-post-college thing is hard. for reals. but exciting 🙂 hope this year brings lots of new challenges, growth and overall contentment. and yoga and granola and things like that. obviously.

    • Can’t remember if I replied to this…? Hmm I guess I’m forgetting things in my old age. But thank you thank you for the bday wish! I’m glad we’ve become blog friends-I so appreciate our connection to yoga and wellness. So far 22 is shaping up to be exciting and centered, not so tumultuous, but I completely understand how post-grad plans can cause some crazy times. Yoga helps 🙂 Thanks, Sofia!

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