Touch Your Toes Friday

Happy Friday, fellow bloggers and yogis! Let’s take this moment to roll out the yoga mat or clear off the floor for this edition of Touch Your Toes Friday.

To complement the Gorilla Pose and Forward Fold we took in the last couple of weeks, let’s take Ragdoll Pose today. This pose requires almost the same movement and alignment as Gorilla Pose and Forward Fold. Instead of slipping our hands under our feet so our toes touch our wrists or laying our hands by our ankles, in Ragdoll, we frame our heads by grabbing our opposite elbows.

To take Ragdoll from a standing position, hinge from your hips and bend forward so your face touches your shins and your chest touches your thighs. Like in Gorilla and Forward Fold, the goal of this pose is to reach the top of your head to the tops of your feet. If you have the range of motion, straighten your legs so you can stretch more deeply into this pose. Relax your shoulders and neck, allowing your head to dangle and move freely from side to side. Frame your head by bending your arms and grabbing your opposite elbows.

From My MS Yoga:

Not only does Ragdoll stretch our hamstrings and release tension in our upper bodies and lower backs, but it also serves as a resting pose whenever we need a few moments of stillness and relaxation. Whether we need a break during a yoga class or during a stressful situation in life, taking Ragdoll centers our minds and bodies. This position allows blood to flow directly to our brains, infusing us with oxygen, relieving stress in our minds,  and refreshing our thoughts.

We can take this pose several times throughout the day, to alleviate mental and physical tension, to increase our flexibility, and to ground our sometimes overwhelming thoughts. Embrace your inner ragdoll and reap all of the benefits of this restorative and energizing position.


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