Touch Your Toes Friday

Happy Friday, fellow yogis and soon-to-be-yogis. Since we took Forward Fold in last week’s installment of Touch Your Toes Friday, let’s take Gorilla Pose today. Since we’re already bent over, with our hands touching or reaching towards the floor, we might as well take this position a bit further and deeper.

From Yoga Lounge Hudson:

Basically, the goal of this pose is to pull the top of your head to the tops of your feet and to feel a deep stretch in your hamstrings. To take this pose, start in forward fold. Place your hands, palms facing up, under your feet. Try to get your toes to your wrist.

Inhale,  straighten your arms, and reach the crown of your head to the front of the room by looking at your toes. Then, exhale, drop your head by looking at your shins, and bend your arms in order to fold closely into yourself. Do this three times, each time stretching more deeply and pulling your torso more closely to thighs and shins.

Not only does this pose stretch our hamstrings, it also eases discomfort in our lower back and assists in circulating the blood in our wrists and hands. As a restorative pose, Gorilla both relaxes and energizes our muscles. It allows us to decompress after a stressful day, relax as part of a morning routine, and recover from any strenuous activity we pursue.

Gorilla Pose-a delightful name for a position that not only helps us become closer to ourselves (literally!), but also takes us back to our primate roots. Find comfort and playfulness in this pose, and enjoy getting to know yourselves a bit more deeply.


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