Touch Your Toes Friday

Wowza, fellow yogis, soon-to-be-yogis, and bloggers, I apologize for my lack of consistency in posting weekly yoga poses. I guess I’m still adjusting to living at home and scheduling my days to include internship work, grad school application research, and emotional and physical decompression by watching reality TV, drinking wine with friends, lunching with my mom, dancing to Madonna alone in my basement, and attending yoga and zumba classes. Yes, I’ve dropped the ball with Touch Your Toes Friday, but I fully intend to revive my weekly posts. Starting today.

Let’s ease back into these weekly yoga poses with Forward Fold, or Standing Forward Bend. This position not only relaxes us and allows us to release tension from our shoulders, neck, and lower back, but it also serves as part of Sun Salutations. All in all, Forward Fold is a very important pose in yoga, as we take it in every yoga class.

From Yoga Journal:

To get into Forward Fold, stand tall and upright, then hinge from your hips, bend down, and reach the top of your head to the tops of your feet. Draw your face to your shins. Breathe deeply, and focus on lengthening your legs and torso as you exhale. If your hands touch the floor, you can rest them by the sides of your feet or hold your ankles.

While we only hold this pose for a few seconds during a Sun Salutation, holding Forward Fold separately for 30 seconds-1minute releases tension throughout our body offers us a chance to focus on our breath.

Enjoy this relaxing, invigorating pose, and welcome back to Touch Your Toes Friday.


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