Green Drinks All Around

As the month of June progresses, this post-grad and continued college kid (grad school apps, here I come!) has found herself frequenting the produce aisle of Weis and spending hours in the kitchen. This is mostly due to the abundance of knowledge I’ve amassed so far from my internship at a wellness centerand my reignited motivation to explore the raw foods movement. While I feel nourished by certain dairy products, fish, and some meat, and while I remain unwilling to eliminate from my diet, a diet that helped me survive my final semester at UMD, I am flirting with the philosophies of Kris Carr, Alicia Silverstone, David Wolfe, and KB (founder of the wellness center/Superwoman).

One of the most immediate changes I’ve made to my non-raw food diet is to incorporate green drinks into my everyday (well, almost everyday) life. Yes, I dusted off the Jack LaLane juicer my parents gave me for Christmas a few years ago and fired up our surprisingly powerful blender to infuse my body with the delicious and essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes of green vegetables and certain fruits.

My journey into juicing greens:

Into the juicer went a handful of kale, a handful of spinach, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 Granny Smith apple, and 2 celery stalks. I attended a yoga class a few hours after I juiced and felt my body respond to all of the minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. This is truly a juice that all yogis and soon-to-be yogis should drink (and I hate the word “should,” but this is how strongly I feel about juicing greens!).

My journey into blending greens:

To make this green smoothie, I used a handful of kale, a frozen banana (creates a frothy texture), a cup of blueberries, and water to my desired consistency. I think I could have blended these ingredients a bit longer, as the end result was slightly….chewy. But I still enjoyed consuming my fruits and vegetables in this way. Plus, it’s fun to experiment with flavors and textures.

While I join the millions of yogis who embrace the raw foods by juicing and blending greens, I remain skeptical the comprehensive nutritional value that this movement lauds. As I educate myself and amass more experience with incorporating more plant-based foods into my diet, perhaps I’ll formulate a more definite opinion of this trendy, seemingly unrealistic, and potentially harmful way of eating.

Until then, I shall enjoy my journey into the world of making green juice and smoothies.


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