Early Summer Yoga Challenge

A long, celebratory weekend of visits from friends, family cookouts, and too much sugar rendered the body and mind of this college kid exhausted and out of shape. One of the best ways to obliterate that mental and physical flabbiness and infuse ourselves with energy, excitement for life, and general sexiness is…you guessed it: yoga.

In an effort to help us all to detox a little from Memorial Day fun and to kick off these hot summer months with a slammin body and mind, I challenge us to another 7-day yoga challenge.

Sure, the semester ended a few weeks ago, so our feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety over schoolwork and roommates may have dissipated. But our brains continue to grapple with the surfeit of new ideas, figures, and concepts introduced to us in class. Extended periods of time off from school, like summer break, offers us a great opportunity to surrender to that new information, let our brains synthesize it all, and bolster and unite our minds and bodies with some serious (and playful!), regular yoga.

Like my commitment to doing some yoga everyday over spring break a while ago, the same rules apply. Starting today, I challenge us to do at least 10 minutes of any kind of yoga every day for a week.

Here are a few videos to get you started:

From Yogatic:

From Sadie Nardini:

Early Summer Yoga Challenge: A bit of yoga. Every day. For 7 days. Begin today.¬† Who’s bad ass enough to join me?


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