A Tasty Inevitability

Since her move home five days ago from her apartment in College Park, this college grad transitioned pretty easily from living on her own (sort of) at UMD to living with her parents and brother in suburban Baltimore.

Sure, the tiny annoyances of my father’s penchant to sing absentmindedly and my brother’s constant need to pace the entire house in shoes at 11:30pm at first prompted me to long for the silence of my still, overly priced apartment just an hour away. Add to that the stifling heat in my bedroom that no air conditioner can abate, our recently broken hot water heater, and my inability to watch the Real Housewives series without a disdainful comment from someone (I know the show is trash, okay?).

But, all in all, I love being home. I maintain a very close relationship with my family and enjoy spending time with them, so I choose to view these “inconveniences” as mere quirks that make us a lovable, weird brood of Greenbergs.

As I adjust to my new living situation, in which I have procrastinated on unpacking and organizing my room by taking up a new hobby, I am reminded of the sentiment that my “Writing for the Blogosphere” professor, Dr. L, so accurately expressed in class one day: “We all end up food blogging eventually.”

This blogger plans to do just that. Yes, for the past few days, I have baked up a storm. Perhaps Memorial Day weekend cookouts motivated me to mix, melt, measure the ingredients for delicious treats for my family and friends. I just know that baking will absolutely become a mainstay in my summer routine.

While I certainly botched a couple of these recipes, I accommodated for my mistakes and remain completely unapologetic for the way my results look, as they certainly delighted the taste buds of my supporters.

First up, a (sliced) Texas Sheet Cake with chocolate-pecan icing:

Next, a recipe for Brownies from my great-great grandmother:

And finally, this afternoon, I raided my mother’s old-school recipe box and came across an intriguing newspaper clipping of “Strawberry Bread.” As a yogi striving for optimum health (haha, well, most of the time), I halved the amount of sugar. Check it out:

Yogi, writer, recent graduate, future PhD student, people-pleaser….and baker. I embrace this new identity of mine, an identity realized during a very fitting time in my life, one of change and transition. And if I can sweeten a moment of someone else’s life with one of these concoctions as I come into my own as a baker, then I can adjust to living with my quirky family even more easily.


4 thoughts on “A Tasty Inevitability

  1. Love it. Keep it up and good luck on the transition (blog and otherwise). I’d love to see where you take your project 🙂

    • Thank you, Jessica! Dude we HAVE to keep in touch because I miss being in class with you (well, not the class part lol), and I’m thinking blogging might just help us do that. I’d love to check out your new blog about graduation 🙂

      • I think this is the beginning of a great blogging friendship. You’ll be the first person I tell about the new blog (aside from me mentioning it in my final paper)! It’s https://fleeingthenest.wordpress.com/. It’s kind of starting out in the form of a diary more than a blog so I have a lot of growing to do, but there you go! Blogging class was definitely one of the highlights of my semester/college career, but I’m glad to be done with homework.

      • Wow, Jessica (Schmessica-hahaha I love that!), I’m honored to know about your new blog. Oh yeah, I’m fo shiz looking forward to our blogging friendship! Can’t wait to check out Fleeing the Nest. 🙂 Sarah

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