Touch Your Toes Friday

Welcome to my first installment of Touch Your Toes Friday on my new(ish) blog. Wowza, I know I am posting this kind of late today, but the past few days of unpacking, purging, and organizing the enormous pile of stuff I’ve seemed to amass during my college years have consumed most of my time (and I’m still not done!)

This week, I have been attending Boot Camp Yoga classes at my home studio. After walking out of class drenched, red-faced, yet ready for more, I feel inspired to kick my Touch Your Toes Friday poses up a notch. Today, let’s take Goddess Pose.

Found via

This position significantly strengthens our thighs and glutes, burns a lot of calories, and challenges our minds to relax and rely on our breath to help us out.

Basically, start by standing with your feet spread wider than your hips. Then, “sit” down by bending your knees and pointing them out to the sides. Point your toes out to the sides as well, and center your torso in between your hips. Raise your arms so that they are parallel to your thighs. You can either leave your palms open or bring our thumb and middle finger together.

Hold this pose several times for 15-30 seconds and feel the burn. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply, especially when your muscles shake, the sweat drips down your face, and you feel unable to hold Goddess Pose for a second longer. Breathe.

This physically and mentally demanding pose gives us the fit body and mind that a lot of us look for at this time of year, when shorts, bathing suits, and tank tops call our names!


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