A Change for this College Kid

Welcome to the new(ish) College Kid Yoga blog. I say new(ish) because as a recent graduate from the University of Maryland who just moved home, I will no longer write exclusively to UMD students. I now write to college students everywhere. I still embrace my identity as a college kid embarking on grad school in a year and who remains a passionate devotee of yoga, chomping at the bit to evangelize about it (in a non-Fred Phelps way) to you all.

I still aim to normalize the mental and physical practice of yoga to the people who I believe benefit from and need it the most: college students. As I transition from an undergraduate into a hopeful, PhD student, I will continue to blog about my own experience with yoga on and off the mat, as well as how my practice aligns with the somewhat daunting, yet nonetheless exciting tasks of completing grad school applications and entering my early to mid-20s. Of course, I will continue to relate to all of you college kids what I learn from my own journey and encourage you to delve deeper into the very cool, very sexy, and very normal practice of yoga

With a few minor changes to the scope and content of CKY, including a wider audience of college students and perhaps posts that are a touch more personal than my previous ones (because who doesn’t want to know more about my life?), I continue to embrace my own identity as a college kid who believes that rolling out the yoga mat is the best way to get hot bodies and to ease the stress, high emotions, and constant changes that we students face everyday.

Same concept, wider audience, partial disclosure. Stay tuned for some rockin’ posts.


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