I Did It!

I officially graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Maryland last Thursday and Friday. Wow. Perhaps I’ll feel sentimental as I pack the massive pile of stuff I’ve amassed over the years and head home, away from the green,  collegiate atmosphere of UMD. But for now, coming out of the busiest, most intense semester of my life, I feel…

Ecstatic. Relieved. Brimming with an unflagging, yet oddly not off-putting confidence. Sure, I’ll miss my friends who have supported me, the classmates who have inspired and commiserated with me, and the professors who have mentored me. However, my jubilation about this exciting, momentous occasion, a testament to the literal blood, sweat, and tears I’ve excreted during my time here, persists.

With the support of friends, family, and of course, yoga, along with my own talent and fortitude, I managed to snag a diploma (or a picture of Testudo until my actual diploma arrives in the mail), clarify my professional aspirations, cultivate lifelong friendships, and leave my mark on UMD, all while staving off permanent insanity.

Here’s one person who especially helped me survive AND enjoy my undergraduate career, my cousin/roommate, Laura.

Without this gal and a lot of other supportive and nurturing people, I have a feeling that self-doubt would have ravaged my mind, rendering me an anxiety-ridden, unproductive, and freaked out college student.

And of course, yoga nurtured, relaxed, and energized me throughout the entire semester.

Over the summer, a time devoid of gnawing reminders to read another chapter, start another paper, or prepare another presentation, I plan to deepen my yoga practice. I cannot wait to attend several classes a week at my home studio. Plus, I scored a Groupon for 5 Bikram yoga classes at a new studio. So look out for that blog!

With a support system of yoga, wonderful people, and my inner fortitude and knowledge that I’ve “got this,” I can walk about the world confident in my next step in my professional life: grad school.


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