Pre-Grad Yoga Pics!

Greetings from an official UMD alumnus! I attended the campus-wide graduation ceremony this morning and it rocked. I enjoyed the buzz of excitement throughout the crowd of my peers about to confidently enter the world, nodded in vehement agreement with Demaurice Smith when he told us to reject anyone who tries to define us without our permission, and smiled widely when the legendary Gary Williams took the podium. All in all, I appreciate and cherish the memories I made this morning with my family and friends.

To center myself, calm my nerves, get my sweat on, and skyrocket my energy before commencement commenced, I enjoyed about 3o minutes of an intense, vinyasa-style yoga practice in my apartment. Check out my post-yoga and pre-graduation glow.

Tomorrow, I attend the graduation ceremony exclusively for English majors…and this time I get to walk stoically across stage as some distinguished academic calls my name. Standing ovation, please!

I think some early morning yoga tomorrow might do me some good before the excitement begins yet again. Remember, yoga is always here for us whenever we need to relax, perk up, burn calories, or restore our muscles. Do it and feel better.

Congrats to all of you grads!


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