Post-Practice Pics

Happy Mother’s Day, fellow down-dogging bloggers. Take a few minutes today to thank, verbally or silently, to a mother figure in your lives. When we express gratitude, we feel abundant, at least for a little bit, and thus attract more abundance, in many forms.

Feel extremely strapped for cash? Remind yourself of all of the wonderful people, things, and experiences in your life. Ask yourself, “How can I give?” instead of coming from a place of lack. Pretty soon, you’ll start feeling abundant, and then money or some kind of financial opportunity will come your way. This works.

For me, coming from a place of abundance involves yoga (duh). I usually dedicate my practice to someone or something else. This morning, my hour of vinyasa yoga went to the woman in my life with boundless warmth and intelligence, a woman who I strive to emulate everyday: my mother.

Here are a few funny pictures of me after my morning yoga practice. I was hoping the camera on my laptop would capture the glean of sweat on my face and neck, plus my sweaty hair, more clearly. But I think you can still detect my energized exhaustion. And the fact that I get a kick out of myself.


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