Yoga and Friends: An Inspirational Connection

Do repeated bar crawls on Route 1 or in D.C. and mall marathons leave you feeling hung over, stagnant, and devoid of energy?  Looking for a cheaper way to socialize that involves fewer toxins and wreaks less havoc on your body?

Yoga is the way to go.  While I fully understand and partake in the pleasure of eating, drinking, and shopping with friends, there is nothing more special than attending a yoga class with them.

Down dogging with friends enhances our experience on the mat and ultimately deepens our practice.  When we yoga it up together, we can laugh (quietly!) when we lose our balance, serve as role models for each other during poses we’re unsure about, and revel in our successful completion of a class.

Philosophically, yoga teaches us about the important connection we have to ourselves and to everything around us.  Going to yoga with friends embodies this lesson.  If we feel anxious, fearful, or inadequate during class, we can first look inside of ourselves to reconnect by intensifying our focus on our breaths or taking a break in a resting pose.  Once we reconnect to ourselves, we can open our eyes and focus on the connection we have with others.  We can find our friends in class and know that we’re never really alone.  When we practice with friends, we see first hand how connected we are not only to ourselves, but also to those only a few feet away from us.  We are individually important with strengths and gifts, which we can use to come together as a whole and change the world.

Attend a yoga class with friends to enjoy some economical, toxin-free fun.  Partying on yoga mats punctuates the potentially nauseating side effects of club hopping and mall trolling. Plus, it returns us to our rock star selves and allows for some serious bonding time with friends.


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