Word Challenge: Blondie

While this lighthearted, spunky word possesses little connection to yoga (although I’ll fit it in there somehow, so help me God), “blondie” just makes me feel good.

Whether it refers to the band whose concert I attended in 2008 and watched in awe as a 63-yr. old Debbie Harry threw her shoes into the audience, whether it means a brownie-shaped cookie bathing seductively in caramel sauce, whether it depicts a somewhat funny comic strip about a constantly hungry husband and the family who humors him, or whether it serves as a nickname for people with yellowish hair, the term “blondie” traverses a myriad of cultural products.

The awesome rock/punk rock band founded in the 80s that still rocks today

Delicious butterscotch temptresses

To all of my toe heads or even somewhat blondish-haired people out there, I wonder if the term offends you? “Blondie” hardly sounds offensive, with it’s fluid amalgam of letters that just kind of spill off of the tongue. However, I have heard the term used negatively in movies with seedy bars and vulnerable waitresses, so does the word cause any of you card-carrying members some discomfort?

All of the potentially negative connotations aside, “blondie” reminds me of the fun, simple, and delicious times in life.

Mildly funn comic strip

And in yoga. Sure, I rhapsodize about the importance of this physically and mentally invigorating practice. But yoga has a fun side. Yes, sometimes it is all fun and games. Standing on one leg, curling into a little ball, and literally bending over backwards-it’s all playful. Twisting our bodies in awkward ways and testing our physical limits (safely, that is) makes us laugh and smile.

When we access our playfulness, we connect more deeply into every part of our minds and bodies, and feel more confident trying new things.

As a workout, yoga offers us a unique opportunity to engage every aspect of ourselves.

Fun with yoga- Warrior II in front of McKeldin

I did it. I related “blondie” to yoga.


4 thoughts on “Word Challenge: Blondie

  1. Haha funny post. I’ve never been a Blondie fan personally but those temptresses look…tempting *covers face* lol. I tried to do yoga with my sister once and it didn’t really end well. Maybe ‘cos we were watching one of those yoga DVDs (which are awful by the way).

    • Haha! Yeah, not everyone is a Blondie fan, but don’t those desserts look AMAZING!?!?! Dude, too bad your first yoga experience wasn’t great. I can definitely recommend a few awesome yoga videos that really break yoga down and make it easy and accessible. Check out anything on Yogatic

      πŸ™‚ Sarah

  2. Love it- the word, the dessert, the band πŸ™‚ Brunette confession: I always secretly wanted to be called “Blondie” when I was younger which lead to bad decisions in high school (bleach highlights). Cute post and congrats on connecting the word to yoga!

    • Haha! Oh what we brunettes will do for a taste of the “Blondie” world! Hey, we can still partake in the dessert and the band, right? Brown hair rocks anyway πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment, Gina!

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