Touch Your Toes Friday

In keeping with the theme of sexy ab muscles for which a lot of us college kids reserve lusty dreams, let’s take a variation of Plank Pose for today’s Touch Your Toes Friday. Let’s take Dolphin Plank Pose.

To get into Dolphin Plank, we just take regular Plank Pose, in which we lean on our forearms, rather than the palms of our hands. Basically, we’re in a push-up on our forearms. Once we align ourselves in this position, we can clasp our hands together, as depicted in the graphic below, or we can press our palms lightly into the floor.

Check out a demonstration from Yoga Journal:

Not only does Dolphin Plank work our core like regular Plank, but challenges our body a bit more because we use our forearms instead of our hands to support ourselves. Using our forearms challenges us to stay balanced, so we can squeeze our abs tight in order to prevent wobbling. Plus, putting weight on our forearms strengthens our biceps and shoulder muscles. Can you say extra calorie burn?

Hold this pose for 20-40 seconds three times. To really get your blood pumping and body sweating, take Regular Plank Pose on your hands, and move to Dolphin Plank a few times.This movement adds a cardio element to these poses.

Prepare yourself for shredded abs.


2 thoughts on “Touch Your Toes Friday

  1. Slightly related to dolphin plank pose: can i request a post on alligator pose? It is *killing* me – i can’t seem to get remotely close to doing it correctly, and the yoga instructors always stick it into sun salutations like it’s no big deal at all….

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