Touch Your Toes Friday

Who else is daydreaming about the pending summer months? These past few mild, sunny days certainly intensified my own desire to swim, hike, and flit about in clothing that actually weighs in at under 30 pounds…darn winter coats.

For all of you Terps jonesing for the fun and freedom that summer mostly brings us, let’s take Boat Pose, a position that promises killer abs worthy of some serious external validation. Sure, the  most important acceptance we seek should come from within ourselves, as yogic philosophy elucidates. But as college kids  under a unique combination of academic, personal, and professional pressures, I think it’s quite alright to get off on the approval of others from time to time. Flatter stomachs do the trick.

So check it out. To take Boat Pose, sit on the floor and lengthen your legs in front of you. Then, raise both legs so your body forms a V shape. Extend your arms out and parallel to the floor, reaching for your calves-but don’t grab or hold onto them.

From Yoga Journal:

 If lengthening your legs is too difficult right now, try bending your legs so your calves are parallel to the floor. This removes pressure from your abdominal muscles, as well as your lower back.

Almost every type of yoga incorporates ab work, and boat pose strengthens our core in a way that supports the whole body. Standard crunches or sit-ups focus solely on one section of our abdominals, and involve specific alignments to which we must adhere (and most of us don’t) in order to avoid injury. Boat Pose conditions our entire core and involves few steps, rendering it an effective ab workout and completely safe for everyone.

Take this pose 3 times, holding for 15-30 seconds. Work up to 1 minute at a time. If holding Boat for this long bores you, try lowering your legs a few times to really target the lower abs. Lower, lift, and/or twist your torso to zero in on those obliques.

No matter what variations we choose to take in Boat, this yoga pose works our core like no other ab routine. It certainly prepares us for the upcoming warmer months when we can finally peel off our encumbering layers of winter clothes and hop into light and freeing summer garb.


5 thoughts on “Touch Your Toes Friday

  1. Usually I talk trash about yoga. So on a whim I tried out this pose thinking it paled in comparison to my usual ab workouts. But I have to admit I was quite surprised that I actually felt a tightening of the abdominal muscles. I think I might incorporate some yoga into my workout, of course not in the gym for obvious reasons lol.

    • Awesome, Patrick! Glad my post helped you realize that a lot of yoga actually does burn calories and give you a sexy body. So no more trash talking yoga lol! Seriously, yoga (depending on the type/frequency) kicks your ass. Thank you thank you for commenting!

      🙂 Sarah

  2. That one’s great for the abs. And for the kids its fun to call it a boat and have them row in the yoga pose. Love this touch your toes Friday its pretty easy and really effective…holla!

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