Meditation…Say What?

To dovetail my latest post (my first vlog!), I want to hook you yoga-curious, yoga-skeptical, and yoga-virginal Terps up with a great and accessible article about meditation from The Everything Yoga Blog. The writer offers us a perspective on this seemingly exotic and mystical practice that gives our 21st century lives the flexibility they need.

The idea of meditation often cues our brains to conjure images of enlightened monks who dedicate their lives to chanting with Richard Gere on a mountain in Tibet. However, in a country that quantifies our successes and failures, lauds hectic schedules in the name of productivity, and feeds our addiction to technology that supposedly unites us, although this yogi wonders if our laptops, phones, iPods, etc actually widens the chasm between us (though I can hardly imagine loving my first-born as much as my Macbook), our daily lives remain starkly different than those Tibetan monks. Thus, we may view mediating, or controlled breathing, as an extremely low priority.

While I completely understand and appreciate our hesitation to meditate, as it seems weird, exclusionary, and wasteful, I ask you to just read this article and think about meditation on your own terms. For me, breathing deeply and consciously for several minutes at least once a day has helped me reach some awesome goals-in my academic and personal life. Just keep an open mind 🙂

Pay particular attention to the part of this article that details a woman’s irreverent and relatable experience with finding a realistic way to implement meditation into her life. She relays a few sentiments about meditation that I think we college students can adopt for ourselves. Here comes the link:

Making Meditation Work For You

Which parts of this article resonated with you? Which parts did you dislike?


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