Breathe With Me, Peeps

Sup Terps. Check out my dalliance in vlogging this week. You can literally watch me leave my comfort zone for a bit.

I discuss the importance of breathing-off of the yoga mat, that is. Sure, inhaling and exhaling sustains us and prevents us from, you know, dying. But we can actually use our breath to help us endure some pretty intense and overwhelming stuff that we college kids face everyday.

Please enjoy. And breathe.

How do you deal with your schoolwork “freak-outs?”


2 thoughts on “Breathe With Me, Peeps

  1. I know I’m a little late in commenting on this post, but I really enjoy your vlog, something I’m pretty positive I would never be brave enough to post on my own blog. I’m no yogi, but during my schoolwork freak-outs, I’m a big fan of the “lie there and breathe” method, so it’s really nice to see the “right” way to go about focusing on your breathing.

    Also, weirdly enough, I’m a big fan of focusing on my breathing while in the shower. I really like using the noise of the running water for further stress relief. Happy Breathing!

    Will Danger

    • Oh yeah I’m quite familiar with the “lie there and breathe” method. I’m just offering a way to structure breathing a bit more and use it to get the fullest advantage out of it. I’ll have to try the shower thing more consciously-the sound of running water is pretty soothing.

      Thanks for the comment, Will Danger!

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