Touch Your Toes Friday

I realize I’m posting twice today-oh the procrastination that tries to overcome me on every break from school! I shall prevail. In the name of “slacking off” for a bit this week,  let’s take a break in Child’s Pose today.

Basically, you kneel down on the floor, bring your feet together, and fold your torso over your knees so your forehead rests on the ground. You can lay your arms alongside your torso, palms facing up.

From My Yoga Online:

While there are several variations of this pose (or any pose, for that matter), I prefer widening my knees to get a deeper stretch throughout my body (Extended Child’s Pose). To do this, I begin by separating my knees so that my kneecaps point diagonally from my hips. I make sure my toes are together, then lay down and stretch my arms in front of me, palms facing down and pressing into the floor.

Child’s Pose serves as a resting position, meaning that you can come into it at the beginning or end of your practice, or in the middle if you ever need a break. Taking this pose helps us reconnect to our breath and quiet our minds, something we often forget to do while moving through more difficult positions.

Add this pose to the mix of “Touch Your Toes Friday” poses. From Up-Dog, drop your knees, sit on your heels, and take Child’s Pose. Try this three times, consistently deepening your breath. This pose offers us an opportunity to rest our bodies, check in on our thoughts, and reconnect to ourselves.

It reflects the way we can take a break during times of stress off of the mat. When we feel overwhelmed by classes and post-graduation plans (nods of confirmation please), we can remember how Child’s Pose offers a break during yoga, and we can relax in the same way simply by breathing and taking stock of what we are thinking.

Yoga happens on and off of the mat, people. Child’s Pose is part of it. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Touch Your Toes Friday

  1. I will absolutely nod in affirmation of post-graduation dread. Though I worry if I gave in to the impulse, I might never leave Child’s pose.

    Also, i thought you’d like to know that I attended my first yoga session over spring break, at least in part inspired by your blog. I had no idea how not-flexible I was! It was really great though. I’ll admit that I’m not sure that yoga is quite what I look for in a workout, but it was quite relaxing and I might be talked into attending again. I thought you’d get a kick out of the image of me trying in vain to touch my toes.

    • Will Danger!
      I am extremely proud of you for trying yoga over spring break! I beam at the thought of my blog partly inspiring your dalliance in it! I’d love to hear the details of your class. Oh yeah, yoga definitely gives us immediate awareness of our bodies-never fear your inflexibility! We’re ALL inflexible, in some areas of our life, or others.
      Yoga can be a great, sweaty workout, but it depends on the class. To get the most physical benefits, an instructor needs to combine cardio and strength training-at fairly fast paces. I could go on about this…lol.
      We must chat about this!

      🙂 Sarah

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