Spring Break Yoga Challenge Update

Hello fellow Spring Break-ers!

How is our time off treating you? If anyone out there is slowly digging his/her self out of a hole of schoolwork while trying to have fun with friends and family, please comment and commiserate with me. Yes, I have quite a bit of work to do, but when friends call and family outings arise, AND when a marathon of Real Housewives of New York airs, I can’t help but drop my Julian Barnes novel and join the fun.

Along with socializing and reality-TV watching, I have been dutifully adhering to my Spring Break Yoga Challenge. Yes, since I officially started my spring break last Saturday, I have done some yoga every day. Early in the week, I used several podcasts to get my yoga in, but for the past few days, I have invigorated my practice with Tara Stiles’ DVD, Daily Yoga. In fact, I connected with a yogi from UMBC on herfuture.com, and she sold me Stiles’ other DVD Yoga Anywhere for a bargain.

Posing with the "Yoga Anywhere" DVD. Yes, I know the text is backwards. Thank you, Photo Booth.


I broke that baby open today. As a slightly more challenging routine than Stiles’ Daily Yoga, Yoga Anywhere got my blood pumping, however, I still wish it was more physically demanding. But hey, yoga is yoga.

One of the most exciting parts of coming home from school is having a chance to patronize my favorite yoga studios in my hometown. On Wednesday night, my friend Jenna and I headed to Lifeline Power Yoga to brave a Boot Camp Yoga class taught by one of my favorite instructors EVER. While I have participated in this class before, it still challenged me. With poses held for 30 seconds, punctuated by fast-paced sun salutations (I’ll explain later!), Boot Camp Yoga demanded strength from my mind and body, and forced me to contend with some pretty uncomfortable moments. By the end of class, my legs wobbled, my muscles quivered, and my clothes dripped with sweat. It was awesome.

I came embarrassingly close to snubbing my spring break yoga obligations yesterday because I was feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork and the general idea of graduating-these are the times when we can MOST benefit from yoga, yet when we LEAST feel like rolling out of bed and rolling out our yoga mats. Lucky for me, I have a podcast dedicated to “bed yoga,” so I just stretched a bit on the comfort of my snowmen-adorned flannel sheets.

Is anyone else participating in my yoga challenge? Share your experience with me!


2 thoughts on “Spring Break Yoga Challenge Update

  1. I haven’t gone to bikram yoga every day like i had planned (pretty sure i’d be a sad, desiccated little prune by now if i did), but i have managed to attend a couple times and IT IS AMAZING. Maybe you could squeeze a session in for your yoga challenge?

    • Hey Belinda!

      Yeah, Bikram yoga EVERY DAY sounds like it’d be really intense! Good call on sticking to a couple of times this week. I’d love to do some bikram before I head back (tomorrow), but it looks like I’ll just be yoga-ing it up in a regular vinyasa class in the morning. Can’t wait to hear more about your bikram experience! You’re a rockin yogi!

      🙂 Sarah

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