Spring Break Yoga Challenge

I salivate at the mere thought of spring break. I am seriously jonesing for some time off. College Park currently depresses me.

Nope, vacationing in the Dominican Republic (isn’t that where all of the Greek-lifers are going? How do we even know this?) or Miami is certainly not on my agenda, what with my lack of funds and all. While a lot of us plan to serve the greater good on an Alternative Break program, or jet to hot spots around the world favorable to club hopping and toasting in the sun, I will be chilling in my hometown, reconnecting with family and friends, and continuing to dig myself out of a massive pile schoolwork.

My lack of exotic spring break plans prompted me to think about how to inexpensively decompress and rejuvenate my mind and body before the final push of my final semester as an undergraduate.

Inspired by Nikita Chopra’s Vibrant Health Challenge, a four-month challenge to increase our awareness of how we care for our bodies, inside and out, I have tasked myself with a little commitment of my own during our much-needed time off from school: I commit myself to paying more attention to my own yoga practice and to do some yoga, for some amount of time, every day.

Sure, I blog about yoga. I think about yoga. I pretty much evangelize about the damn thing every day. So yes, I do incorporate yoga into my daily routine. Lately, however, I have felt disconnected from my practice. I think studying for 3 midterms, finishing Lady Chatterley’s Lover (steamy stuff-check it out!), plus several other, less-than steamy readings, and beginning research papers widened the chasm between yoga and me.

As a yogi in college currently enduring a trying week of midterms (3. 3!) and dedicated to promoting yoga to other college students, I challenge you, my fellow Terps to doing some yoga, in some way, for some amount of time (is 10-15 minutes doable?), on each of the 7ish days of break. I challenge you to spend these upcoming days enjoying time away from the intense, sometimes political climate of UMD by paying a little more attention to your bodies and minds, and doing just a few minutes of yoga.

Now who’s with me?

Here are a few videos to help you dabble in yoga use spring break:

From Tara Stiles:

From Yogatic:

Feeling confident and ready to kick up your spring break yoga notch? Check out this link to Yoga Journal, featuring one of Kathryn Budig’s routines: Strentghen Your Core

What better time to try this yoga thing out than over a short break from school, a time for us to decompress from midterms (and I have one AFTER spring break-alright, I’m done complaining) and harvest the inner fortitude for the second half of the semester?

Even if you plan to peace out from Maryland over break, these short videos lend themselves well to travel. Plus, doing them everyday will give you a hot body-something for which a lot of spring breakers go to any lengths.

A little yoga. Every Day. Over Spring Break. Who’s in? Besides me, that is.


3 thoughts on “Spring Break Yoga Challenge

  1. So I totally googled’ Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I might have to do some yoga of my own to, uh, contain myself. I know what I’ll be studying, I mean, reading over the spring break.

    Also, don’t know if you’ve seen this, but this was my introduction to yoga:

    • Haha! Oh yeah, check out some D.H. Lawrence over break-he is one explicit writer. Plus, Lady Chatterly is a great and in my opinion, really important novel.

      No, I haven’t seen this-thanks for posting it! It’s awesome and hilarious. I love making yoga “not a big deal,” you know? It’s just yoga. It rocks. And there’s nothing weird about it. Thanks, Pat!

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