Imitation Post-25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

For this Blog Imitation Exercise, I looked to a few wellness blogs that I follow (Running Leaner and Greener, & Carrots n’ Cake), whose founders have recently generated a list of random facts about themselves.  At first, I assumed these lists were strictly for fun, as they seemed to me a bit vapid. After creating my own list, I’ve realized that bloggers who detail the minutiae of their lives, pasts, and personalities credential themselves in a way. We bravely admit to our flaws, our guilty pleasures, and our shortcomings. But, we also acknowledge our strengths and uniqueness. We own it all, which steels us against criticism and adds significance to our own lives.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me:

  1. I still wear my retainers every night without fail-My orthodontist should laud me as the ideal patient, at 14 yrs. old and at 21.
  2. I Youtube endless reruns of Golden Girls-cheesecake and girlfriends ease all hardships.
  3. Since the summer of 2008, I’ve been slowly mustering the nerve to buy Madonna’s early 90’s, controversial, and rather pricey book, Sex-drat my frugality and general nervousness about preventing my parents (whom I’m desperately in love with) from finding out.
  4. I have an impressive scar on my right ankle from a 3rd degree burn when I was 3…AND I refuse to conceal it with makeup or cosmetic surgery because it’s a part of me and adds to my overall weirdness (a weirdness that I fully embrace and strive to cultivate everyday).
  5. I scorn Sex and the City for its psudo-feminism, emphasis on consumption, and unrealistic portrayals of women’s bodies, yet I own most of the seasons on DVD-As a teenager who snuck downstairs to watch it when it was syndicated on regular cable, that show represents to me delicious rebellion against my father.
  6. I have created a Madonna shrine in my bedroom, replete with posters, newspaper clips, magazine cutouts, and a concert ticket stub…and I often have impure thoughts about the woman-heterosexuality be damned.
  7. I was Tina Fey for two Halloweens, mostly because the costume cost me practically nothing-Glasses? Check. Brown hair? Check. White shirt, jeans, blazer? Check, check, and check. Converses? More like knockoffs from Payless. Check.
  8. I currently work with a nutritionist/life coach to help me improve my relationship with food and my body.
  9. I am obsessed with astrological signs and the way they dictate our personalities/tendencies-I am without a doubt an emotional, sensitive, home-loving Cancer.
  10. I was a bridesmaid in August and caught the bouquet, though I had no desire whatsoever to catch that thing, as I stood in the back and didn’t even lift up my arms.  But when the bride threw it, it hit me in the chin, thus activating my reflexes, so I HAD to catch it.  I wonder if that big slap in the face portends my romantic future?
  11. I named my ’96 Nissan Altima Mr. Jones-doesn’t it just sound dependable and indestructible?
  12. I enjoy reading my personal journals from elementary, middle, and high school-I have a certain fondness for my embarrassing past selves.
  13. I keep a recipe box of index cards listing words I’ve encountered in my reading that I want to use more in my own speaking and writing.
  14. I hate uncapped pens-they look naked, cheap, and unworthy of use, so I usually throw them out-yes, I know that’s not environmentally friendly, but they’re just a waste of space.
  15. The best compliment I’ve ever received was from the mother of my friend, Blaire, who told Blaire that I am very articulate.
  16. I can tell when people think I’m hilarious…and I like it, so I really try to ham it up for them.
  17. I am an avid freewriter-I freewrite for personal and academic purposes. I recommend it to my tutees at the Writing Center. Plus, I’m presenting on it at an academic conference in April.
  18. I am fiercely close with my immediate and extended family-aren’t cousins the best?
  19. I call my brother David, “Skinny D” or “Skin”-That’s what he dubbed himself at 11 yrs. old when he discovered rap and I’ve desperately clung to that moniker.
  20. I’m constantly baffled by the fact that more and more stores sell cheap reusable bags and aluminum water bottles that fall apart within days-isn’t all of this consumption counterproductive to the green movement? Invest in sturdy reusable bags and better water bottles, people!  It creates less waste.
  21. I still read Sarah Dessen novels-they rocked my world in middle and high school, and I continue to support this important author.
  22. Due to limited funds, I’ve opted to gift my friends with poems on their birthdays/holidays.  All I do is rhyme our inside jokes and extol my love and appreciation for them-they eat it up, and it’s a much more sincere gift than lip gloss from CVS.
  23. I’m applying to PhD programs in Rhetoric/Comp next year-Dr. Greenberg has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
  24. I ordered a Coke at a McDonalds in French when my family and I traveled to Quebec one summer- I butchered the language, but  still managed to get a Coke.
  25. I say “Snap!” way too much-it’s just such a versatile word.  “And then he punched me in the face!”  Snap!  “I’m going to Michigan this weekend!” “Snap!”

8 thoughts on “Imitation Post-25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. This was gutsy and pretty funny as well.

    I actually still have my permanent bottom retainer in, even though I think it could have came out like 6 years ago. I guess it’s a comfort thing at this point? I don’t know…

    • Haha thanks! Yeah, retainers are definitely a comfort thing, but useful, too, because I think essentially you’re supposed to wear retainers for the rest of your life. Even though that’s highly unrealistic. But yeah, I wear mine every night, so I’m with you!

  2. I love this list.
    1. I made it a single night with my retainer, but my orthodontist wasn’t particularly upfront about the fact that I would have to wear a retainer for the rest of my life. I probably would have told him to shove it.

    5. I think we have similar relationships to Sex and the City. I agree that its politics are pretty questionable, but that being said, it’s pretty funny.

    7. Why improve on a fantastic Halloween costume? I almost got talked into being Jane Krakowski for Halloween this year.

    23. Are you as terrified about applying to phd programs as I am? Where are you looking?

    • Will Danger!
      Thank you thank you for responding directly to my enumerations! As far as grad program go, yes, the application process seems pretty nerve wracking, but we will both rock it! I’m looking at a lot of Pennsylvania schools-Penn State, Pitt, Carnegie Mellon. And some schools in New England, UMass and Northeaster. Now, of course this is all subject to change, but that’s my plan so far! Whew grad school, right?

    • Wow, Heather thank you so much for commenting! This is so cool because I read your blog so much-of course, I guess you might know that by now…? Anyway, this is awesome! Glad you like my list-yours was an inspiration! I know, aren’t maimed pens the worst? Haha, so glad you commented “)

  3. I’m loving your 25 things post. Somehow you managed to pull it off without sounding self-indulgent, which is hard to do (especially when your reader has seen her share of 25 things posts and has yet to take the time to read every one). Your decision to not cover up your scar is a good one; scars prove you’ve been living life and have chutzpah. I also absolutely, completely, like, totally share your views regarding Sex and the City. However, I cannot condone your heartless mistreatment of uncapped pens. I insist you start using clicky pens.
    …Or start giving them to me.

    • Haha! Glad you enjoyed my 25 things…and I’m SO relieved that my list isn’t too self-indulgent-THANK YOU! And I promise to buy some clicky pens. I’d give you my uncapped ones, but of course, I’ve discarded them with a smile 😉 However, you’re right, that’s pretty wasteful!


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