College Kid Philanthropy

While this post is not exactly about yoga and how practicing it even a few minutes a day will transform our minds and bodies, I have to promote FreeRice. For us Terps who want to impact positive change (has Mary PIRG visited any of your classes yet?) in the world, yet whose lives are consumed by meeting the demands of our classes outside responsibilities, FreeRice offers us a convenient way to fight world hunger.

Found via Google Image search in "Passion for Puzzles"

Want to add a healthy dose of philanthropy to your day of classes, campus-trekking, and Panda-patronizing?  Check out, the United Nations World Food Program’s nonprofit website that improves your brain and feeds the hungry.  Short, fun quizzes on subjects like Vocabulary, Math, Foreign Language, and Chemistry await your delectation at  For every question you answer correctly, the website’s sponsors donate 10 grains of rice to starving people in developing countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and Uganda.  If you find yourself with a few extra minutes anytime in your day, or during class while you pretend to take notes, spend them enhancing your own life, and someone else’s too.

Found via

The United Nations World Food Program and its partner, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, created to democratize education and end world hunger, so visit this site and become a philanthropist yourself (It’s not just for Greek life, you know).  Sharpen your arithmetic skills, expand your vocabulary, and learn to hold your own in a foreign language, all while combating starvation around the world.


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