Touch Your Toes Friday

Welcome to the first week of Touch Your Toes Friday!

I have decided to implement a regular post on Fridays that will feature a simple, yet very effective yoga pose that you Terps can practice to get your feet wet with this yoga stuff.

Today, let’s take Plank Pose. While I doubt that this move is new to you, I am going to discuss it in a different way than non-yoga workouts and instructors present it to the public.

This is yoga, people, so naturally, I will focus not only on how to come into this pose physically, but how to engage the mind in it, as well.

Basically, plank pose means that you just get into a push-up position on your hands or elbows and hold for a certain amount of time. This pose helps you build killer abs and shoulder muscles, plus it strengthens your mind.

Check out this link from Tara Stiles’ facebook page: Plank Pose

Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds 3 times. This pose is intense and presents us with a few moments of discomfort (but discomfort is good!), so each time, focus not on the pain you might feel or on how much time is left on the timer, but on your thoughts and breath.

Focus on each inhale and exhale as you breathe through your nose and out your nose.  What thoughts are reeling in your mind right now? Where are your thoughts taking you?

Try to shift your thoughts back to your breath, your deep inhales and exhales, instead of all of the random images, ideas, and stress inside of your head. By doing this, you immediately connect more deeply with both your mind and body, and you bring your once stress-out self to the true, calm, rock star YOU.


2 thoughts on “Touch Your Toes Friday

  1. Love the new section! I know I’m a bit late to touch your toes Friday with it being the following Wednesday and all, but I think its a great addition. The plank pose might not be the hardest pose to do, but it sure is one of the hardest poses to hold. Recently my sister and I did a yoga teacher training course for kids in NY and I thought the balance poses were especially challenging. Maybe as the weeks go on you could throw one of those in (I know I’m gonna need a step-by-step tutorial on how to hold some of those, like the Peacock). Just a thought, namaste!

    • Samara!

      The teacher training program sounds so awesome! Wow, I had no idea someone else in our class was into yoga! We should talk more 🙂 Great idea about incorporating balance poses into my Friday installments. Peacock is probably a bit too challenging for the audience I’m writing to…but I could always incorporate it somehow to inspire everyone, even me lol because I haven’t even attempted that pose yet!


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