College Kid Yoga Debut

Namaste, my children. Say what? Please, that’s not how yogis talk. How about, What up, fellow Terps? Much better.

Welcome to College Kid Yoga, a space where I write to you, my fellow UMD students about yoga. I welcome readers from all levels of and potential interest in this awesome practice, whether you can balance yourself in Crow pose with bulging biceps, whether you have no idea what Crow Pose is, or whether you think yoga leaves no room for those other than pretentious hipsters strutting around in their stretchy pants and annoyingly taught bodies.

I am here to normalize and democratize the practice of yoga to us college kids at Maryland.  Sure, the yoga we see on certain TV programs, in certain books, on some yoga blogs, and in a few actual classes seems exclusionary and more fitting to enlightened monks meditating with Richard Gere in Tibet.  However, that is not necessarily yoga.  In this college yogi’s opinion, that is not yoga at all.

I began my journey into yoga about three years ago, as a freshman.  I attended a class at my local Bally’s, sweat completely through my clothes, enjoyed a high that no illegal substance could match, and realized that yoga really does rock our bodies and minds, and that it is for EVERYBODY.  As I took more classes and did yoga at home, I discovered the explosion of yoga philosophy and videos on the Internet.  The philosophies of online yoga sensations Tara Stiles and Kathryn Budig, have particularly informed my own beliefs about what this yoga stuff actually is…and I have much more to learn.

Normal yoga=happy face

Yoga is a completely inclusive and affordable practice that benefits us no matter what we wear or for how long we do it.  I especially want to establish why yoga lends itself so well to the college lifestyle at UMD because of it’s physical, emotional, and financial benefits.  As students at one of the best public universities in the country, we strive to meet the demands of our classes, extra curriculars, and social lives-and in the process we experience some serious highs and lows (God knows I do).

Yoga assists us in every part of our lives, and I am using College Kid Yoga to help all you Terps believe it.

Peace out!

Sarah, a college kid who does yoga


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